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This vocal kit bundle is a great opportunity for you to get all 8 vocal kits for less than half price.

The Collection inherits 1600 (11GB) phrases & cuts with an extremely wide variation of styles:

– Agressive & dope one-shots & phrases
– Deep & storytelling phrases with all kinds of emotions
– Motivational, spiritual and just real speeches
– Funny quotes with the best stoner-humor out there
– Mind-bending vintage material: Anti-drug propaganda & education
– Psychedelic, depressive & mind alterning quotes
– Sweet & authentic other vintage material: Kids voices & adults voices
– Vintage noise textures to create the real dusty vintage dopeness
– No stuff that has ever been in other kits
– Each file comes as high quality .wav and is either a Long Phrase, a Short Phrase, or just a one-shot.
– Individually processed
– Designed for today´s music makers of all genres

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