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After the Huge Success of 5 kits for $20 we are now offering a Volume 2

5 of our top kits Valued at more than $100 when sold individually for just $20!

This package is a total steal package - It includes some of our top kits, a total combination to give you a bit of everything to play around with. 

Kits in the package

- Bully Season - Drum Kit by The Beat Bully

- 808 Monster - Best 808 Drum kit / Kontakt Bank

- TGOD - Taylor Gang Inspired Loop Kit

- Sounds Of French Montana - Custom Loop Pack

- Avengers 2 + Bonus - 2 kits in one


Its a Bargain right? This offer can not be slept on and the kits will make a BIG impact on your production. 

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